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My professional photographic, design and art experience spans 30 years and 3 continents. I have been an avid supporter of graphics technology since its inception - and that makes me ancient (I  started work in the days of punch cards and mainframes).  I watched Version One of CorelDraw, Photoshop and all the graphics programs like 3D Studio being launched and jointly with Daniel Petre (MD of Microsoft at the time) launched PowerPoint in Australia with its first colour ouput.
I have tried to keep at the forefront of digital design and art and was fortunate enough to run the first computer graphic company in Australia.
Since the early 1980s I have held a passion for trying to meld the traditional with the digital art and photographic world.

After succesfully building the largest presentation company in Australia over 14 years I sold the business to a Japanese multinational and now focus on my passions - Photoshop, graphic design, photography and fine art print making.
And then there's the cows. Yes I am a rare breed of hobby farmer that can produce a blue sky from a grey day, make Kelly Slater surf a banana, design a logo in my sleep, give you plastic surgery without pain in minutes, and produce a collage of your family for her 60th birthday in less time than I can cook a mouth watering porkbelly Sunday roast... or feed my 'belties' (Belted Galloway Cows). oxley college dawn
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